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Have you registered to vote in the 2011 election?

Participate in the 2011 Open Elections for the Lawful Hawaiian Government. Every Kānaka Maoli is eligible to vote in this election.

Election day is Saturday November 5, 2011.

Watch for registration sites in your community soon.


Aloha, and welcome to the Lawful Hawaiian Government website. Our government, inspired by the example of our ancestors, motivated by the cause of truth and justice, is actively engaged in the process of reclaiming the right to be recognized as the lawful government of Hawai'i, thereby restoring the inherent human right of self-determination to the citizens of Hawai'i. This process of reinstating the former inherent sovereignty is in fact a movement of liberation from the most powerful nation in the history of our planet. Despite the odds, we resolve to honor our ancestors, to embrace our responsibilities as kanaka maoli, as citizens of Hawai'i, as parents and guardians of our island nation. Our method is founded on fundamental principles of non-violence, international law and the obligation set forth in the United States Public Law 103-150.

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