The sov­er­eign pow­er in a nation or state. An orga­ni­za­tion through which a body of peo­ple exer­cise polit­i­cal author­i­ty; the machin­ery by which sov­er­eign pow­er is expressed.
—Black’s Law Dic­tio­nary

Hawaii shall be a Con­sti­tu­tion­al Monar­chy oper­at­ing under a direct demo­c­ra­t­ic sys­tem of gov­ern­ment: that the cit­i­zens of Hawaii shall pos­sess the polit­i­cal right to secure life, lib­er­ty, and the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness.

There shall be an Office of Monarch. The des­ig­nat­ed respon­si­bil­i­ty of the Monarch is to serve as a sym­bol of the past nation known as the King­dom of Hawaii. The Office of the Monarch man­i­fests the exist­ing rights reserved to the Hawai­ian King­dom. The gov­ern­ment of Hawaii shall be com­prised of an Exec­u­tive Branch, a Leg­isla­tive Branch and a Judi­cial Branch.

The elec­tion for the Office of Monarch will be con­duct­ed in the year 2009.

Executive Branch

Prime Min­is­ter Hen­ry Noa
Min­is­ter of For­eign Affairs Nel­son Armitage Jr.
Min­is­ter of Finance GMH Math­ias
Min­is­ter of Inte­ri­or Naliko Markel
Attor­ney Gen­er­al vacant

Legislative Branch


Dis­trict Rep­re­sen­ta­tives Nobles (at large)
1 Sauel Kalelei­ki Jr. George Pua
2 vacant Hen­ry Kekai
3 Charles Eng­land Robert Keli­ihooma­lu
4 Ben Nichol­son James Puuo­hau
5 vacant Pen­ny Alviar
6 vacant Law­ton Kipa­pa
7 Nohea Kaawa

Maui — Lana’i Moloka’i — Kaho’olawe

Dis­trict Rep­re­sen­ta­tives Nobles (at large)
1 vacant Joseph Vil­lia­ri­mo
2 vacant Nel­son Armitage Jr.
3 Sam Kuailani Naalii Armitage
4 vacant Kao­hu­lani Puaa
5 Charles Maalea
6 Rus­sel Kahookele


Dis­tricts Rep­re­sen­ta­tives Nobles (at large)
1 Kili­na­he Noa Keolani Noa
2 vacant Kanoa Noguchi
3 Alex M. Luka Daniel Mahi
4 Edward Chang Robert Hana­hano
5 Wal­ton Enos Leo Car­dia Enos
6 Ken O’Keefe Mahealani Enos
7 Davina Sanders Don­na Hana­hano-Medeiros
8 vacant

Kauai — Ni’ihau

Dis­trict Rep­re­sen­ta­tives Nobles (at large)
1 Dominic Acain Kaiu­lani Huff
2 Lay­la Kae­hu Eugene Kakane Pa
3 Leland Yadau Stew­art Kopa Akana
Speak­er of the House Eugene Kekane Pa
Sergeant of Arms Keo­hokui Kaui­hama
Leg­isla­tive Clerk Geor­gette Hugho
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