The sovereign power in a nation or state. An organization through which a body of people exercise political authority; the machinery by which sovereign power is expressed.
—Black’s Law Dictionary

Hawaii shall be a Constitutional Monarchy operating under a direct democratic system of government: that the citizens of Hawaii shall possess the political right to secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

There shall be an Office of Monarch. The designated responsibility of the Monarch is to serve as a symbol of the past nation known as the Kingdom of Hawaii. The Office of the Monarch manifests the existing rights reserved to the Hawaiian Kingdom. The government of Hawaii shall be comprised of an Executive Branch, a Legislative Branch and a Judicial Branch.

The election for the Office of Monarch will be conducted in the year 2009.

Executive Branch

Prime Minister Henry Noa
Minister of Foreign Affairs Nelson Armitage Jr.
Minister of Finance GMH Mathias
Minister of Interior Naliko Markel
Attorney General vacant

Legislative Branch


District Representatives Nobles (at large)
1 Sauel Kaleleiki Jr. George Pua
2 vacant Henry Kekai
3 Charles England Robert Keliihoomalu
4 Ben Nicholson James Puuohau
5 vacant Penny Alviar
6 vacant Lawton Kipapa
7 Nohea Kaawa

Maui – Lana’i Moloka’i – Kaho’olawe

District Representatives Nobles (at large)
1 vacant Joseph Villiarimo
2 vacant Nelson Armitage Jr.
3 Sam Kuailani Naalii Armitage
4 vacant Kaohulani Puaa
5 Charles Maalea
6 Russel Kahookele


Districts Representatives Nobles (at large)
1 Kilinahe Noa Keolani Noa
2 vacant Kanoa Noguchi
3 Alex M. Luka Daniel Mahi
4 Edward Chang Robert Hanahano
5 Walton Enos Leo Cardia Enos
6 Ken O’Keefe Mahealani Enos
7 Davina Sanders Donna Hanahano-Medeiros
8 vacant

Kauai – Ni’ihau

District Representatives Nobles (at large)
1 Dominic Acain Kaiulani Huff
2 Layla Kaehu Eugene Kakane Pa
3 Leland Yadau Stewart Kopa Akana
Speaker of the House Eugene Kekane Pa
Sergeant of Arms Keohokui Kauihama
Legislative Clerk Georgette Hugho
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