Hawaiian Law

The Reinstated Hawaiian Government’s laws consist of a fundamental organic document—The Amended Constitution of Hawaii 2000 and the Compiled Resolutions. These two documents serve as the basic legal structure for the operation and function of the Hawaiian Government.

The Amended Constitution of Hawaii 2000 was approved by the Kingdom of Hawai’i’s elected legislators at its Constitutional Convention of March 10,11, and 12, 2000. This Constitutional Convention was held in Waimea, Hawaii.

On April 29, 2001 this constitution was ratified by the citizenry in a nationwide plebiscite. On April 14, 2001 and again on April 3, 2004 amendments to this constitution were implemented and ratified.

The Compiled Resolutions serve as the existing statutes of the Hawaiian government. These resolutions were adopted and passed by the Legislators (Mana Kau Kanawai) through the years 1999-2007. These resolutions are valid for a period of one year. The following year these resolutions are presented for renewal, amendment or matured.

During the years 1999-2003, the Mana Kau Kanawai convened four times a year. Today, the Mana Kau Kanawai convenes twice a year to continue constructing the laws for the government.

This process began with the issuance of the Writ of Proclamation.

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