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The Compiled Resolutions of Hawai’i 2011

Enact­ed by the Mana Kau Kanawai of the Rein­stat­ed Law­ful Hawai­ian Gov­ern­ment 11 – 0001 To Iden­ti­fy the Var­i­ous Names Used to Describe the Inher­ent Sov­er­eign­ty of Hawai’i 11 – 0002 To Des­ig­nate A Spokesper­son for the Rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian Gov­ern­ment 11 – 0003 To Estab­lish the Office of Com­mu­ni­ca­tion 11 – 0004 To Cre­ate A Nation­al Com­mis­sion to Reg­is­ter All Liv­ing Kana­ka Maoli […]

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Offices of the Lawful Hawaiian Government

Office of the Prime Min­is­ter Office of Monarch* House of Nobles Kaua’i 3 Maui 6 O’ahu 8 Hawaii Island 7 House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives Kaua’i Dis­trict 1 Waimea Dis­trict 2 Lihue Dis­trict 3 Hanalei Maui Dis­trict 1 Moloka’i Dis­trict 2 Lahaina Dis­trict 3 Lanai Dis­trict 4 North Wailuku Dis­trict 5 South Wailuku Dis­trict 6 Makawao Dis­trict […]

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Register to vote flyer

Click here to down­load the elec­tion fly­er.

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Welcome to the new website of the Lawful Hawaiian Government

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