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Kingdom of Hawai’i

Hawaiian Government Crest

Rein­stat­ed De Jure March 13, 1999

Media Kit/Profile

Alo­ha Mai,

The infor­ma­tion con­tained in this Media Kit will enable the read­er to learn and under­stand a process to accom­plish sov­er­eign nation recog­ni­tion of the rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian King­dom and the Inher­ent Sov­er­eign­ty (law­ful gov­ern­ment) of Hawai’i. There are four sec­tions in the Media kit that include:

  1. Intro­duc­tion
  2. Jus­ti­fi­ca­tions in Law
  3. Man­i­fes­ta­tion of Author­i­ty
  4. Gov­ern­ment De Jure
  5. Fre­quent­ly Asked Ques­tions
  6. Amend­ed Con­sti­tu­tion of 2000
  7. Select­ed Claus­es of Pub­lic Law 103 – 150 (with link to full law)
  8. PUBLIC NOTICE Sep­tem­ber 9, 2001
  9. PUBLIC NOTICE August 31, 2003

The Pro­file describes and explains the rein­state­ment of the Hawai­ian King­dom in accor­dance to inter­na­tion­al law, the Jus­ti­fi­ca­tion in Law, its Man­i­fes­ta­tion of Author­i­ty and the Estab­lish­ment of the Gov­ern­ment De Jure.

The Amend­ed Con­sti­tu­tion of Hawai’i 2000 estab­lish­es the fun­da­men­tal laws of the rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian King­dom that includes a Pre­am­ble and Ten Arti­cles.

The Unit­ed States Gov­ern­ment, in 1993, passed into law U.S. Pub­lic Law 103 – 150, acknowl­edg­ing the ille­gal over­throw of the Hawai­ian King­dom. This law pro­vides a legal oblig­a­tion for the Hawai­ian peo­ple to reclaim their nation­al sta­tus by rein­stat­ing their for­mer inher­ent sov­er­eign rights as a peo­ple to their nation.

There are two Pub­lic Notices includ­ed in this Media Kit that tes­ti­fy to the Per­fect Right of the rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian Gov­ern­ment to the recla­ma­tion of the Hawai­ian Kingdom’s real and chat­tel prop­er­ties, and to announce the ini­ti­a­tion of the tran­si­tion of gov­ern­ment phase by the Hawai­ian Gov­ern­ment.

Contact Information

The Rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian Gov­ern­ment is rep­re­sent­ed in mat­ters of pub­lic affairs by its:

Office of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions
P.O. Box 2236
Hon­olu­lu, The Hawai­ian Islands 96804
Phone/Fax: (808) 732‑3849

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