Public Notice 2003

Scanned image of actual Legal NOTICE published in the Honolulu Advertiser on August 31, 2003PUBLIC NOTICE
August 31, 2003

From The Rein­stat­ed Sov­er­eign­ty
of the King­dom of Hawai’i
to Ini­ti­ate the Tran­si­tion of Polit­i­cal Author­i­ty
and Juris­dic­tion over the Hawai­ian Islands

WHEREAS, Hawai’i Nei was the birth­place of the Hawai­ian peo­ple (Na Kana­ka Maoli), and the land where their spir­i­tu­al, cul­tur­al and polit­i­cal iden­ti­ty was cre­at­ed;

WHEREAS, it is the nat­ur­al right of the Hawai­ian peo­ple to be mas­ters of their own fate, like all oth­er Nations, in their own sov­er­eign Nation;

WHEREAS, this right was artic­u­lat­ed in the 1893 Protest Let­ter of Queen Lili’uokalani to the U.S. Pres­i­dent and reaf­firmed in 1993 by the U.S. gov­ern­ment in its Joint Res­o­lu­tion Pub­lic Law 103 – 150, Stat 1510;

WHEREAS, on March 13, 1999, the inher­ent sov­er­eign­ty of Hawai’i was recon­sti­tut­ed as a gov­ern­ment in accor­dance with Inter­na­tion­al Pub­lic Law and Hawai­ian King­dom Domes­tic Law;

WHEREAS, soon there­after, a Writ of Procla­ma­tion was issued by this gov­ern­ment to inform the gen­er­al pub­lic and the inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty of the Hawai­ian government’s intent to rein­state its nation;

WHEREAS, on Sep­tem­ber 9, 2001, this gov­ern­ment pub­licly stat­ed its goal in the news­pa­per with the largest cir­cu­la­tion in the Hawai­ian Islands to reclaim all prop­er­ties and chat­tel owned pri­or to its over­throw on Jan­u­ary 17, 1893.

WHEREAS, no objec­tions to these dec­la­ra­tions were filed by the Unit­ed States gov­ern­ment, the State of Hawai’i gov­ern­ment, the Coun­ty gov­ern­ments, nor any Cor­po­rate enti­ties, either pri­vate or pub­lic;

WHEREAS,  the gov­ern­ment de jure of the King­dom of Hawai’i has man­i­fest­ed per­fect right to exer­cise the rule of postli­m­ini­um in accor­dance with inter­na­tion­al pub­lic law;

WHEREAS, this rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian gov­ern­ment has once again achieved those con­di­tions nec­es­sary under inter­na­tion­al law to acquire the sta­tus of nation­hood;

Be it ordained and enact­ed by the Leg­is­la­ture of Hawai’i:
That the gov­ern­ment de jure of the King­dom of Hawai’i here­by ini­ti­ates the tran­si­tion of polit­i­cal author­i­ty and juris­dic­tion over the Hawai­ian arch­i­pel­ago from the gov­ern­ment of the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca and its sub­or­di­nates, the government’s of the State of Hawai’i, the Coun­ty of Kaua’i, the Coun­ty of Mau’i, the Coun­ty of Hawai’i and the City & Coun­ty of Hon­olu­lu.

That this Pub­lic Notice serves as the offi­cial pro­nounce­ment to all res­i­dents of the Hawai­ian Islands and to the inter­na­tion­al com­mu­ni­ty, reit­er­at­ing the spir­it of the Writ of Procla­ma­tion of 1999.

That, as of this day, the law­ful gov­ern­ment of Hawai’i here­by claims juris­dic­tion over all prop­er­ties real and chat­tel with­in its nation­al bound­aries in accor­dance with inter­na­tion­al laws and Hawai­ian King­dom laws.

Let it be known to all that our cit­i­zens have renounced their Unit­ed States cit­i­zen­ship in order to claim nation­al­i­ty under the juris­dic­tion of the Hawai­ian King­dom gov­ern­ment.  This right to nat­u­ral­iza­tion is reserved in inter­na­tion­al law and Arti­cle 15 of the Uni­ver­sal Dec­la­ra­tion of Human Rights.  Our cit­i­zens are bound by the laws of the rein­stat­ed Hawai­ian King­dom.

Any and All Per­sons Pub­lic or Pri­vate, Cor­po­rate or Gov­ern­ment will be held liable in their pub­lic and/or pri­vate capac­i­ties for any and all acts of sup­pres­sion, oppres­sion, imped­i­ment or hin­drance against the gov­ern­ment offi­cials of the law­ful Hawai­ian King­dom, its cit­i­zen­ry and affil­i­ates.  Any such actions tak­en shall con­sti­tute a vio­la­tion of the basic human rights of lib­er­ty and free­dom in accor­dance with inter­na­tion­al law and the Uni­ver­sal Dec­la­ra­tion of Human Rights (Pre­am­ble, Arti­cles 1 and 2).

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