Offices of the Lawful Hawaiian Government

Office of the Prime Min­is­ter

Office of Monarch*

House of Nobles

Kaua’i 3 Maui 6
O’ahu 8 Hawaii Island 7

House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives

Kaua’i Dis­trict 1 Waimea
Dis­trict 2 Lihue
Dis­trict 3 Hanalei
Maui Dis­trict 1 Moloka’i
Dis­trict 2 Lahaina
Dis­trict 3 Lanai
Dis­trict 4 North Wailuku
Dis­trict 5 South Wailuku
Dis­trict 6 Makawao
Dis­trict 7 Hana
 O’ahu Dis­trict 1 East Hon­olu­lu
Dis­trict 2 Cen­tral Hon­olu­lu
Dis­trict 3 West Hon­olu­lu
Dis­trict 4 Ewa
Dis­trict 5 Waianae
Dis­trict 6 Waialua
Dis­trict 7 Ko’olauloa
Dis­trict 8 Ko’olaupoko
 Hawai’i Dis­trict 1 Hilo
Dis­trict 2 Hamakua
Dis­trict 3 North Koha­la
Dis­trict 4 South Koha­la
Dis­trict 5 Waianae
Dis­trict 6 Kona
Dis­trict 7 Ka’u

* The elec­tion for Office of Monarch will be deter­mined at a lat­er date.

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